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Message from the President and CEO

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, I am encouraged to share that we have made remarkable progress in our pursuit of sustainability, responsible practices, health and safety, and community engagement. 


We continue to be a proud supporter of the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles, which are designed to provide expectations for responsible gold mining, and last year we published our third annual conformance report


We also published 12 new Alamos Sustainability Standards, each serving as a testament to our dedication to excellence in health and safety, environmental management, community engagement, security and human rights. Our continued adherence to these standards serves as a foundation for our success. 

One of our core values at Alamos is our investment in our workforce and local communities. Nearly 80% of our workforce is hired locally, and in 2022 we expanded our workforce by 8%. This commitment to local employment fosters economic growth and enhances the overall well-being of the communities that we operate in. Furthermore, our efforts have led to a remarkable 36% reduction in employee turnover, a testament to the positive work environment that we have cultivated. 


I am encouraged to share
 that we have made remarkable progress in our pursuit of sustainability, responsible practices, health and safety, and community engagement.

In 2022, we were proud to contribute over $1.7 million to support various initiatives that uplift and empower our host communities, and support the development of the regions that we operate in. 


We are dedicated to fostering cooperative, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. In the past 18 months, we have signed three community benefits agreements with First Nations communities; two in Ontario and one in Manitoba. These agreements establish meaningful and long-lasting partnerships. 


Environmental stewardship remains a core focus for Alamos. I am pleased to report that we achieved zero significant environmental incidents in the past yearThis achievement highlights the dedication and diligence of our team in maintaining the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability. 

We also have emerged as an industry leader in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity and water usage per ounce of gold produced, placing below our peer and senior producer average. 



In 2022, we announced a Company-wide target of a 30% reduction in absolute GHG emissions by 2030 which is expected to further improve the Company’s industry low GHG emissions intensity. We are on track to meeting this goal. For instance, in 2022 we achieved a 65% reduction in total Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.  



Young-Davidson’s emission intensity is already less than half the industry underground mine averageIn 2022, the mine announced the purchase of three electric vehicles, which is a positive step towards emissions reduction. In addition, Young-Davidson successfully transitioned from propane to compressed natural gas (CNG) for underground mine heating, resulting in a reduction of overall emission intensity. 

This image depicts members of Alamos Gold Inc. celebrating its 20th anniversary
Members of Alamos Gold Inc. celebrating its 20th anniversary

At Island Gold, ongoing efforts to improve the Ventilation on Demand (VOD) system to enhance underground air flow efficiency will lead to decreased electricity usage and lowered emissions. Furthermore, progress on our Phase 3+ expansion is underway, and once complete Island Gold will have a 35% reduction in GHG emissions over the life of the mine. 


Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, and we have maintained our commitment to train employees in our Home Safe Every Day safety leadership program across all of our mines. In 2022, we were the recipient of the Casco De Plata safety award by the Mining Chamber of Mexico (CAMIMEX) in recognition of outstanding health and safety performance and governance at Mulatos. We know that it is essential for our teams to be vigilant on safety in the workplace, and we continue to reinforce protocols with mine employees following a fatal incident in late 2022.  


Overall, we are very proud of our achievements in 2022, but we also recognize that this effort is ongoing. As we look ahead, we remain committed to raising the bar and fostering positive change in the mining industry. 

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President and CEO

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Who We Are

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Alamos Gold Inc. (“Alamos”) is a growing and diversified gold producer with a long-term track record of creating value for all stakeholders through solid financial performance and low-cost production growth, as well as a commitment to safety, social responsibility, emissions-reduction, environmental stewardship, and workplace 
diversity and inclusion (D&I).

A graphic in the Who We Are section that explains Alamos' core values. There are 5 core values each with an accompanying short elaboration of that value displayed in a list. They are as follows: Safety - Our first job is to make sure that our employees come Home Safe Every Day. Teamwork - We are sustained by teamwork. Our company and our people thrive on it. Environmental Sustainability - We consider the natural environment, where we conduct our activities, with the highest regard. Integrity - We are here to do right by the people and place that we touch with our work. Commitment - We are passionately committed to the well being of our company, people, our stakeholders an the place where we mine.

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Where We Are

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Alamos currently operates three mines – two in Canada and one in Mexico – and we have a strong portfolio of development stage projects, providing a solid platform to create long-term value for all Alamos stakeholders.

Overall, we are very proud of our achievements in 2022, but we also recognize that this effort is ongoing.


President and CEO

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